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We believe a service is only great when done ethically and with care!

Whether you’re looking for a shipping agent or a freight forwarder, warehouse space, terminal handling options or be it any other shipping related service, we’re confident to deliver you the best.

Ships Agency

Chronos Shipping provides a full range of ships agency services to Ship Owners, Operators and Charterers alike, at all main Romanian ports.

Sea Freight

Chronos Shipping works closely with a wide array of carriers to provide outstanding sea freight services

River Freight

Chronos Shipping is able to provide competitive river freight levels for all types of cargoes transiting Romania either way.


Chronos Shipping offers complex transportation services of containerized, standard and oversized cargoes by ships, roads or rail trains.

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About Chronos Shipping

Chronos is a shipping and logistics agency setup to provide you with high standard and professional solutions that you can rely on.

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EXW (Ex Works)

From the moment the cargo leaves the seller’s premises, all responsibility is that of the buyer. The buyer takes ownership and full risk, they are responsible for all payments concerning transportation and insurances. The EXW can be used for all modes of transportation.

FCA (Free Carrier)

When goods are cleared for export the FCA term is applied when the seller is required to load the cargo on the buyer’s receiving shipping carrier. All responsibility is passed on to the buyer once the goods are loaded onto the receiving vessel. At this point, the buyer is responsible for all costs and insurances.

CPT (Carriage Paid To)

If the seller seeks the services of third party provider to assist with the transportation of the cargo the seller is responsible for arranging the carriage and payment of all associated costs.

DDP (Delivered Duty Paid)

The seller is responsible for arranging all modes of transport and customs clearance requirements, including the fee’s associated, for both export and import. The seller bears all risk and costs concerned with delivery of the cargo to the agreed destination place.

FAS (Free Alongside Ship)

The buyer may nominate cargo to be transported “Alongside Ship”, at the port of shipment. From the moment the goods are alongside the ship, all responsibility for loss and/or damage to the goods rest with the buyer.

FOB (Free On Board)

Similar to that of the Free Alongside Ship, Free On Board is used when the buyer is loading the cargo onto a vessel. From the moment the goods are loaded onto the ship, the buyer is responsible for all costs, insurances and for receiving the cargo.

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Our Ports


The Port of Constantza is located on the Western coast of the Black Sea, at 179 nM from the Bosphorus Strait and 85 nM from the Sulina Branch, through which the Danube flows into the sea.


The Port of Mangalia is situated on the Black Sea, close to the southern border with Bulgaria, and over 260 km N of Istanbul. It has an area of 142.19 ha, of which 27.47 ha is land and 114.72 ha water.


Midia zone is located on the Black Sea coastline, approx. 13.5nm N of Constantza. It is one of the satellite ports of Constantza and was designed and built to serve the adjacent industrial and petrochemical facilities.